I have no idea what the fuck this is or what I'm doing I have a load of urls and ye u mad. No I am not Ivan from tumblr.

sotha sil:


lofter is a place for creativity of fine art (photography, music, visual art) not tumblr shenanigans. i’m not saying that you shouldn’t be on there if you aren’t contributing, since watching others is fine.

but please stop making jokes about words that the chinese language use (google translate isn’t accurate!! for example reproduce is actually reprint in context). it’s really rude and offensive. feel free to joke about it on tumblr but don’t, for god’s sake, bring it to lofter

Reposted from tumblr, since this is appropriate to post on here considering this is all I've seen on Lofter these last two days - please guys be aware of the fact that this website is not entirely like Tumblr and some behavior isn't appropriate here

wow what a crybaby

I wouldn't know what it's like to go back to a bad url

I have a good one on tumblr as well~

the 15 year old blogger is common here

despite this i'm probably more angsty and angry than any of you

since we're sharing art



yiffin around at the:

Eating Vinegar:

Please don't make fun of the chinese language or the way chinese people act!

Its okay to joke about the translations by google but its not funny when you're being offensive on a site meant for someone else.

take your social justice cancer back to tumblr holy shit i didn't come here for this cancer


sotha sil:

in the name of the lofter, the cloth, and the holy heat

never 4 get L-Day, day of the worst puns in lofter history.

not many lol

I wonder how many of you are stil here after falling asleep once

jimmy wants to be loft but his mom won't let him


i didn't cloth the lofter life, the lofter life clothed me

i was literally about to make this post

the award for cutest lofter couple can go to me and my girlfriend thanks for the newfriends

im goin 2 bed bye

the very first one i drew for her

another card i made for my girlfriend

I draw my girlfriend cards for her birthday chirstmas and valentines and this is one of them

this must be like the circlejerk that happened when tumblr first got raided for the good urls

buddy you can take homestuck and walk right outta this blog u ain't welcome

i have a lot of 10k+ note text posts on tumblr tbh poor form lofter where's my fangirls

I am painfully aware a lot of you are still like 15

I'm 20 y/o stahp go 2 bed it's 3.22am